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✩ "The Art lover's Guide" ✩ Art Magazine ✩ "Useful and didactic" ✩ Art's World The award-winning application of iOS, now on Android: the most complete art app on your hands: more than 40.000 artworks of the most relevant artists
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Ever had the desire to see the great works of your favourite artist? Ever wished you could visit The National Gallery, The Metropolitan or the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium to see Degas, El Greco or Seurat?
Now you can with the intuitive app artDatabase, wich contains more than 40.000 artworks from the most important artists. From wherever you are, browse the catalogues of the worlds finest artists on your mobile phone or your tablet. This collection of digital reproductions can serve to inspire you, move you to achievements or just be a source of artistic enjoyment.
For each artist, you will find a complete list of their artwork and images, the whole collection becomes a virtual art museum with additional information such as when each work was created, the medium it was produced on and where it is now. Supplemented by extra information: biographies, news and little known facts about the artist.
The catalogues are upgradeable and we are constantly improving, enlarging and broadening the scope of the catalogues. Keep checking for new artists!
Who knows, possibly this app could be the incentive your desire to see the works on the canvas needs to blossom into reality.
************************************* SOME CATALOGS ************************************* RaphaelLawrence Alma TademaAlbert BierstadtGiotto BondoneSandro BotticelliEugene BoudinPieter Bruegel the ElderGustave CaillebotteCanalettoCaravaggioMary CassatPaul CezanneWilliam Merritt ChaseChilde HassamThomas ColeJean Baptiste Camille CorotEdgar DegasAlbrecht DurerEl GrecoFra AngelicoPaul GauguinJean Leon GeromeFrancisco de GoyaArmand GuillauminMartin Johnson HeadeHans Holbein The YoungerEdouard ManetAmedeo ModiglianiClaude MonetBerthe MorisotCamille PissarroMaurice PrendergastOdilon RedonRembrandtPierre August RenoirDante Gabriel RossettiPeter Paul RubensGeorges SeuratEgon SchieleJohn Singer SargentAlfred SisleyThomas MoranToulouse LautrecJoseph Mallord William TurnerJohn Henry TwatchmanVincent Van GoghDiego VelazquezJohn William WaterhouseWinslow HomerJuan GrisGeorge Wesley BellowsJoaquin SorollaJames TissotHenri MoretGeorge InnessGustave CourbetHenri Fantin-LatourHenri RosseauHenri LebasqueEdward Henry PotthastTheo Van RysselbergheGustave MoreauEdward Burne-JonesIvan AivazovskiWilliam Bradford painterJohn Singleton CopleyLucas Cranach the ElderGustave LoiseauJules PascinAlbert LebourgLovis CorinthJohn La FargeJasper Francis Cropsey